Amelie is a guy now

It was surprisingly hard to convince people to go see this movie with me at the cinema. Some objected to the old gay guy story (I had no idea cinematographic homophobia was so widely spread among menfolk), others to the talking dog, although the poor guy actually only talks through subtitles, others had no clue who Christopher Plummer was and had never seen The Sound of Music (they have obviously not grown up in Romania).With all this pressure coming from the expectations of my companions, I couldn’t quite enjoy the film because I was so self conscious about it as if I had written the script myself. Still, it’s not bad for a sappy movie. It has beautiful photography and the kind of feel good for the non-believers thing about it, like the less brilliant love child of Amelie and Michel Gondry.

There is a lot “feel-good” manipulation but also truth involved in the main idea of the film that we never stop being beginners, that there’s always something new to uncover in ourselves and in the world around us, even as we get older or old. There is also an interesting parallel between how two different generations perceive love and relationships and the revelation that the unparalleled freedom my generation enjoys with regard to relationships is not necessarily free of limitations, but that it is precisely this freedom  that becomes one. But if you are looking for a deep portrayal of human emotions and complex relationships, this is not the right movie. The characters are and remain sketchy and the relations between them are superficial to say the least, but who cares about that when you have a dog talking through subtitles (they should have used him more).

Anyway, one of my friends was definitely right in predicting that the best part of the movie is probably the trailer:


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