life is biutiful

Sometimes death makes life look beautiful, it reveals it as the mystery that it really is in all it’s strangeness. Two  films I’ve seen recently manage to deal with this very delicate theme. Biutiful, the latest Inarritu, appears to be all about the process of dying, but the effect it has is that it makes you feel the wonder of being alive. The breathtaking cinematography includes moments that haunt you for a long time, like the bodies of Chinese illegal immigrants washed up on the see shore, the breaking dawn, the general atmosphere of a Barcelona that the average tourist will find unrecognizable and, most of all,  the dreamed encounter in the snowy forest. Like in 21 Grams, but more elegantly so, Inarritu manages to bring to life the drama of the human soul by setting its aspirations against the ballast of a body that gradually fails it in the most gruesome way. All the suffering, vomiting, degradation and pain do nothing but accentuate the “biuty” of life

The Tree, on the other hand, starts with a death and focuses on how the living deal with the pain and with the very present loss. The metaphor is quite obvious, but that doesn’t make is less effective. And Charlotte Gainsbourg has got to be one of the most imperfectly beautiful people in the world:

and a song I’ve rediscovered after seeing the film:



  1. I was willing to see them, but I like that you recommend them with such enthusiasm, I am even more excited now. Gotta get them out of my favorite list and just watch them!


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