trimisul nostru special

In sfarsit un autor tanar care nu a cazut in patima confesiunilor teribiliste si stie ca fictiunea pura reflecta mult mai bine realitatea decat autofictiunea! In sfarsit cineva care scrie cu drag si savoare, nu pentru ca vrea sa demonstreze cat de destept e, ci pentru ca nu poate sa nu scrie. In sfarsit o perspectiva proaspata plina de umor, dar si emotionanta, asupra coltului astuia de lume caruia ii zice Romania si care e un conglomerat irezistibil de mizerie si sublim, de tragedie si umor, de sacru si profan.

Stilul, referintele religioase si literare (in dulcele stil postmodernist) amintesc putin de Kurt Vonnegut, insa personajele si problematica romanului sunt bine ancorate in realitatile bastinase. Partea buna e ca romanul asta nu e doar un roman politic local bine scris, ci are radacini bine infipte in teme universale cum ar fi religia, maturizarea, arta de a povesti etc. In plus, personajele stau bine in picioare, desi sunt multe si isi impart bucatele de roman intre ele. Mentiuni speciale pentru personajul secundar, dar excelent creionat al femeii de serviciu a arhivei securitatii si a tiganului Elvis.



o lume minunata…

Volver mi-a facut pofta sa revad cateva almodovaruri. Sa imi petrec diminetile prelungite cu Leaga-ma bine si Vorbeste cu ea. Mereu mi-au placut autorii, fie ei regizori sau scriitori, care isi iubesc personajele si de aceea sunt darnici cu ele, le ofera trasaturi de caracter inedite si situatii neobisnuite cu care sa se confrunte.

Un autor perfect este unul capabil sa creeze o lume fictionala atat de atractiva si puternica incat sa te faca sa iti doresti sa fii unul dintre personajele sale. Pentru mine Almodovar se apropie foarte tare de acest ideal si de fiecare data cand vad un film de-al lui imi doresc sa traiesc intr-o lume in care el e dumnezeu.

Not another junkie movie

In my hay days, I’ve had my share of interest in junkie literature and films, from beat generation novels and poetry to Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream. Now, the tables have turned and I look upon junkie fiction (with a few exceptions) as childish manifestations of authors or filmmakers who refuse to grow up and get over their teenage escapism.

The recent junkie film I’m referring to is Candy, a complete failure of the genre. Supposed to be a love story spiced with junk, dramatic and heart throbbing, rebellious and realistic, it manages to put through none of the above. The characters are mere cardboard silhouettes, they don’t have sufficient substance to make us believe in their drama.

If Requiem for a Dream and Trainspotting had higher stakes than simply glorifying junk experience, it is very hard to perceive the higher message of Candy. All these movies are based on novels, but although I haven’t read the novel Candy is based on, I can easily notice that probably a great deal of the substance of the story has been lost in the translation from literature to film. Unlike Requiem for a Dream and Transpotting, Candy is simply not cinematic and it lacks the touches of a strong directorial hand.

Great actors have made their contribution to making this film a complete failure. The problem is not that the actors were bad, but they simply lacked direction. It is impossible to identify with the characters. Perhaps the most obvious moment of lack of identification is the scene in which a hysterical Candy reproaches her parents the fact that she has been “clenching her fists” all her life. This happens completely out of the blue and as if anybody cared.

Compared to Little Fish, another recent Australian junkie movie, Candy is extremely immature and lacking direction and substance. I think that in order for junkie movies to have a future and an audience consisting not only of cool teenagers, they must grow up. Little Fish manages to do just that, it is the elegantly acted and directed story of a former junkie struggling to cope with “the real world.” Candy, on the other hand, is nothing but an incomplete, thinly directed excuse of movie, which attempts to use junkie drama in order to bring out some dramatic performances from a few good actors and unfortunately fails even in this attempt.